Hi everyone it's doc Neil,

I want to tell you about this new piece of equipment I have just acquired. It's great for tendon/ ligament issues, heel pain, scar tissue, elbow pain, shin pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, as well as trigger points ect.,

Issues that have bothered people for years without much results, including post-surgery. It also repairs bone at a rapid rate. There are no side effects. It’s accelerating the healing process and it’s affordable. The technology is incredible!

I want to help as many people as possible and you will love it after just one treatment. There's a ton more. Personally I've never ever seen something with such excellent results this fast. I know everyone will love getting better faster.

You know I've been around for a long time; I’m always looking for great ways to help people and understand their needs.

Imagine a shoulder or knee issue that's been bothering you for years. Call the office to see if you’re a candidate for treatment, 954-227-0088. I'm super excited!

So let's talk about my new therapy to help break down chronic scar tissue. I primarily purchased this equipment to treat plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and scar tissues (which I find on post-surgical patients), and old rotator cuff injuries.

It uses a radiofrequency pressure wave, which is similar to shock wave therapy, but much safer, with better clinical results and best of all, it doesn't hurt like shock wave therapy.

Lithotripsy is the technology used for years to break down kidney stones without surgery and since then many other vendors have been using this technology to treat a variety of conditions because using an acoustic sound wave is much safer than surgery. 

It increases circulation, and breaks down scar tissue.

It also increases the elasticity of arteries. 

Here’s what I’m proposing.

Beta testing group for plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and scar tissue.

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