You may not expect Parkland Pain Relief Center to be a place people go to when they look for a safe weight loss program in Coral Springs or Pompano Beach. The reason that a safe weight loss program was added to the list of services of the chiropractic center was because years ago we saw a direct connection between our patient’s symptoms and their weight. For example, a large percentage of the people who suffered from back pain were more than 20 pounds overweight.

That’s something that cannot be ignored but when a large percentage of your patient’s struggle with mobility you cannot just tell people they need to start exercising and eating healthier. This is why we felt the need to create and put forth a new plan that would help people shed pounds, even if mobility was an issue. It begins with your diet and what you eat and then we can step in and help you with the rest.

Whether you are in Coral Springs, Pompano Beach or anywhere else in South Florida, you can appreciate the value of dropping a few pounds. A safe weight loss program means that it is safe for those who suffer from mobility issues and cannot attack a new diet the way others can. As you take a safer and smarter approach to getting healthier you soon realize that the results are still there but you are also able to stick with the plan longer than others because you are not putting too much pressure on yourself. That’s why our plan gets results and hundreds of patients have benefited from it.

Hi. I’m Dr. Neil Scharf. Today I’m going to talk about “Why People Struggle With Their Weight! Losing weight can be tough. I’ve helped hundreds of people drop weight, but there are always a few of them that want to do it the hard way. “KEEP READING! The rest is below…Keep reading…

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One thing you should be aware of is…“Losing weight isn’t easy for most people, but… if you have the right system, it easier, it’s faster, and the weight just more or less melts off***.”

  • I’ve found that some people try and “starve” themselves. That never works, and it’s hard on their body, plus they GAIN their weight back… when they fall off the wagon and eat the wrong things.
  • Other people eat special cookies… thinking they’ll lose weight, but that takes time, and doesn’t work long term. They get bored and the weight just comes back.
  • Some people try the cookies, then when they get bored of eating the same old cookies day in and day out, they start eating boxed foods and think that’s the answer. It’s NOT, plus it’s expensive and just a crutch!
  • Then you have DIY people. (Do It Yourself People) They want to do it by themselves and they want to BUY something that will magically take the weight off. I don’t know how many treadmills I’ve seen on Craigslist for sale – – that are basically brand new.

Here’s the undeniable truth. Diets Don’t Work. Never have. Never will. You might lose some weight initially on a so called DIET, but it never lasts. Here’s why they don’t work! You go out, have a “cheat night,” and end up giving up, and end up going back to your old eating habits. You look exactly like you looked two months ago, only worse in a short amount of time. You lose some weight, but the hanging skin is not exactly what you were going for. You Can Lose The Weight The Right Way! Hundreds of patients have been through that scenario, but you don’t have to go through that. There is HOPE.

You may have failed lots of times… before, because of your willpower, but that’s in the past. Forget all those weight loss myths. Believe it or not, it’s not your fault! Do my simple, easy-to-do program and you’re looking at getting into a pair of skinny jeans in a few weeks/months if you’re a woman. And don’t worry if you’re a male – it works for you as well! What I’m sharing with you is insider information. The best part about this information is, I’ve proven that it works, over and over again, and when a patient does this protocol, it works FAST! Now if you think you’ve tried everything, and you’re tired of trying, here’s the deal. If you haven’t tried this, you haven’t tried everything! This program is so powerful-you lose weight and then best of all, you can keep it off. If you can follow a few simple protocols and use a few components that make all this possible, but don’t get me wrong.

Weight Loss Is NOT Easy. I’m not telling you anything new. You know it’s not, and that’s why I’ve developed this weight loss program. Hundreds of people all over the U.S. have tried this and lost the weight***. If you’ll just do what I tell you to do, and kind of forget what you’ve experienced in the past, you’ll start dropping weight and that is going to be pretty drastic***. Now you might be asking yourself, “But Dr. Scharf, will I start dropping weight immediately?” Probably not, but give your body time to adapt and I’ think you’re going to be very happy with the results. But those were the exception, not the rule.

It all kind of depends on your age, what your metabolism is doing, how much water intake per day, and your commitment level. If you stick to the program, change a few things, and follow the protocol to the letter, you’re going to drop weight and have some amazing results. Weight Begins To Melt Off Your Body***. A lot of people come to my Parkland Chiropractic office and tell me they’ve tried everything. They even think they’re the experts some times. If you want results, you’re in the best place. Call the office now and talk to me about your weight, and what we can do for you. If you qualify, you’re going to be in the best place you could be in to finally lose the weight. You’re about to find out why so many of my patients are able to drop weight, fast, and hassle free. You’ll be glad you did because it’s the right thing to do, and there are hundreds of people in this area that will vouch for me. Here’s the phone number to call today.