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I went to my neurologist yesterday. He looked at me and said, “You look great! What’s going on?” “I feel great,” I replied. “I’m going to a chiropractor, Dr. Neil Scharf. Thanks to Dr. Scharf, I’m now pain free. I can move my shoulders, and I removed the wrist bands that I’ve been wearing for 12 years due to my rheumatoid arthritis.” My neurologist was amazed.
Claire B., Boca Raton, FL

I hadn’t been able to turn my neck more than about 25 degrees for years, partly because of a long-ago surgery. I was a little skeptical about chiropractic stuff, but my wife found great relief for pain at Parkland Chiropractic, so I went. I couldn’t believe it. Even after just my first session with Dr. Scharf, I could turn my neck to the point where I could look over my shoulder!

About a year later I was in a car accident, which left my arm in a lot of pain. Dr. Scharf worked with me on that, but he also took X-rays and then referred me for an MRI, which revealed what he had suspected — torn tendons and separated muscles. Ultimately I required rotator cuff surgery, but I blazed through the recovery period in a way that astonished my surgeon. I’m convinced my speedy recovery was due to the pre-treatment by Dr. Scharf and his staff.
John C., Coconut Creek, FL

I have been ill for the past five years, to the point where I was almost crippled. I suffered flare-ups constantly and I was on various medications. Since coming to Dr. Scharf for regular chiropractic care and massage therapy, I am feeling much better. I have not had one relapse, and my medications are down. Pretty soon I’ll be able to wear high heels again. Thanks to Dr. Scharf and his staff for caring.
Diane V., Parkland, FL

Dr. Scharf is, in my opinion, one of the best chiropractors I have ever utilized for the treatment of chronic back and health issues. I have been lifting and training for years with heavy weights. And because of that life choice I have had to contend with some back-related injuries due to heavy lifting. I had suffered periodically from a long list of back issues that culminated in broken lumbars and back problems. The very unpredictable condition left me unable to even lift for a three-year period of time. Dr. Scharf and his technique of chiropractic care helped me return to a normal mode of life without back surgery!! His ongoing care gives me the peace of mind and body to return to the physical activities I love. Do yourself a favor and see him at your earliest convenience.
Alex P., Palm Beach County Firefighter

I’ve had arthritis and a herniated disk in my lower back for decades. I’d been in and out of physical therapy and it helped, but never seemed to get me into a situation where I didn’t constantly face relapse — the kind that puts you down for the count. A friend in Tennessee told me about her success with chiropractic care, so I tried Parkland Chiropractic when I found myself on the cusp of another episode. I admit I was a little leery of adjustments, but Dr. Scharf is incredibly gentle and so is the process. He got my spine in shape again and helped me with some exercises to keep it there. I felt better than I had in years. I still go with some regularity, both for massage and occasional adjustments. I just wish I’d known about all of this sooner.
Laura B., Coconut Creek, FL